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Ace Management Services Limited
has been providing sales and marketing, management, customer service, team building and negotiation skills training and consultancy for both multinational and small companies internationally for 30 years.

Over the past sixteen years we have trained and worked with over 16,000 key Vietnamese staff from both small companies as well as many of the large multinational organizations doing business in South East Asia.

During that time having developed a loyal customer base as a result of experience, understanding of the local business conditions and the effectiveness of both training programs and consultancy services.

Our company is the first training provider in Vietnam to offer Saigon executive coaching services to both large and small organizations.

AMS is commonly recognized as one of Vietnam's leading training providers that specializes in tailoring, customizing and developing business development programs and training workshops for a range of management and business skills subjects.

Training can be conducted in either English or Vietnamese by experienced and qualified Foreign & Vietnamese corporate trainers

Over the past few years we have enjoyed good success in Vietnam providing executive coaching to our clients.

Executive coaching is the most powerful form of learning & development and the only way to ensure improved performance and behavioral change. It focuses on achieving predetermined goals and objectives through a well planned strategy obtained from accurate information and input.

Executive coaching gives executives the opportunity to increase leadership and managerial capabilities through their own customized development program with the support of a highly qualified and experienced business coach at a time suitable to meet busy schedules.

A successful coaching outcome has the potential to affect an entire system. It begins with the individual whose performance improves with coaching, progresses to a larger team, and eventually, if the goals have been met successfully, affects the overall functioning of the organization.  

All it takes is a commitment of (1.5) or 3 hours coaching session per month for a twelve month period by your key personnel and senior executives to enjoy all the benefits a well structured and customized coaching program can offer.

Our company is the official representative in Vietnam for Balanced Scorecard Australia an affiliate of the Balanced Scorecard Institute USA, and we are pleased to announce for the first time upcoming balanced scorecard certification workshops being conducted in Vietnam in 2013.

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a performance management system able to link the achievement of long-term strategic goals with day-to-day operational requirements. It enables organizations to clarify their vision and strategy and translate them into action.

It provides feedback around both internal business processes and external outcomes in order to continuously improve strategic performance and results. When fully deployed, the system transforms strategic planning from an academic exercise into the nerve centre of an enterprise.

The Balanced Scorecard framework translates an organizationís vision into a set of performance indicators distributed among four perspectives - Financial, Customer, Internal Business Processes, and Learning and Growth.

Balanced Scorecard has become the most commonly used framework throughout the world for ensuring that organizations execute their strategies. It is now being used by over 70% of the Fortune 1,000 companies. It has been applied successfully to businesses, industry and government agencies ranging in size from very small to organizations with over 100,000 personnel

We also specialize in conducting scorecard implementation programs for organizations enabling them to enjoy the many benefits the system offers. Due to the tight economic climate in Vietnam, we have developed a new five (5) day implementation program especially to cater for Vietnamese organizations! Upon completion of the 5 days which includes training senior and implementation teams, participants will have developed the organization Tier one scorecard.

How to get ahead of your competitors?

One thing business experts & gurus around the world agree:
"The ultimate competitive advantage of your enterprise comes down to a single factor"

Your ability to grow and develop leaders faster than your competition!

The Leadership Excellent Strategy has been designed to develop participant skills as leader and manager.

A long term strategy the program would be linked to your business goals, an individualís job and their personal development as well as core values.

(LES) ensure learning development focused on achieving organizational and individual improvement through a three stage approach.

Stage One: Leadership Competency Assessment
Competency assessment using our specially designed in-house software prior to training accurately identifies leadership competency deficiencies in both the group and individual.

This information will highlight areas that need to be developed in the group and will also lay the basis and foundation for a one-on-one coaching program for each individual  throughout the duration of the program.       

Stage Two: Tailored Leadership Workshop
(LES) is a comprehensive long term development strategy covering all the necessary management and leadership disciplines to enable participants to be fully competent to conduct their responsibilities.

The results from the competency assessment can be used to tailor training programs and prioritize development for the group as well as provide information for individual coaching programs based on accurate data.

Stage Three: Coaching/ Mentoring/ Assessing
Research has proven and experience has shown one of the main success criteria's of any training program is the post follow up.

Coaching/assessing sessions are a critical stage of the development strategy as it is the only true way to assess, monitor and assure behavioral change is occurring.

Each participant will undertake a 1 hour one-on-one coaching between modules to ensure learning is applied in the workplace to bring about behavioral change.

Workplace assignments designed to ensure behavioral change will be assessed and individuals will be coached on identified skill deficiencies.

Progress & results will be recorded on individualís Performance Development Plan (PDP) & soft copied to HR Department.

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The Principle and Chief Academic Officer, Mr. Ian Turner A.I.S.M.B.A.  holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Sales & Marketing Management Business Development from Canbourne University (London) UK.

Ian is a highly competent practitioner, with 31 years experience in providing customized learning solutions and training for businesses to increase productivity and profitability, through performance management, leadership development and team development.

"As a result of using our services, some of our clients have experienced increased productivity and efficiency of up to 500% in twelve months."

AMS offers a range of business development products designed to improve our client's business condition which include:




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